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Varieties developed at U.C.R.


Allspice tangelo

C-32 citrange trifoliate hybrid

C-35 citrange trifoliate hybrid

Chandler pummelo

Cocktail grapefruit hybrid

Cutter Valencia

DaisySL mandarin

Encore mandarin

EncoreLS mandarin

FairchildLS mandarin

Frost Eureka lemon

Frost Lisbon lemon

Frost Marsh grapefruit

Frost Owari satsuma mandarin

Frost Valencia orange

Frost Washington navel orange

Frua mandarin

Gold Nugget mandarin

H-56 tangor

Hall grapefruit X Rubidoux trifoliate (C-190)

Honey mandarin

Kincy mandarin

Kinnow mandarin

KinnowLS mandarin

Marlow tangelo

Melogold grapefruit hybrid

Mency tangor mandarin hybrid

Oroblanco grapefruit hybrid

Pearl tangelo

Pixie mandarin

Ruddy tangor

Rufert A navel orange

Ruvel nucellar navel orange

Shasta Gold TM (TDE #2) mandarin hybrid

Tahoe Gold TM (TDE #3) mandarin hybrid

Tango mandarin hybrid

UCR Early navel orange

Valentine pummelo hybrid

Wilking mandarin

Willial tangelo

Wincia mandarin

Yosemite Gold TM (TDE #4) mandarin hybrid




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