HLB Prevention Initiative


UCR Citrus Variety Collection HLB Prevention Initiative



The recent discovery of three Huanglongbing (HLB)-infected trees in Riverside approximately 2.25 miles from UCR and the pervasive spread of Asian Citrus Psyllids (ACP), which moves the bacteria that causes HLB, crystalized the need for further protection of the UCR Citrus Variety Collection. The 1038 cultivars and species of citrus and related genera in the field site of the Citrus Variety Collection is one of the most diverse collections of citrus and related genera in the world. Two additional small trees of each cultivar and species are have been housed in aging screened greenhouses at UCR Agricultural Operations or at the USDA NCGRCD since 2008. If we need to remove HLB infected trees from the field collection in the future, this would significantly affect our ability to breed new cultivars and conduct research that utilizes this diversity.

This disease has created a critical need for a two-phase project to protect the Citrus Variety Collection.
Your donation of any amount will help protect the collection.

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UC Riverside’s College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (CNAS) has secured funding for the initial site study design and bid process, both of which are required by public universities. Additional financial support from generous individual donors will allow us to complete:

A full site study for a three-acre parcel

A site development for an initial one-acre parcel and required storage

Installation of two Citrus Under Protection (CUP) Systems that would screen and protect up to an acre of newly planted trees of all cultivars and species in the collection from registered budwood and grown in the ground.

With immediate funding, the CUPS system could protect the Collection as early as July 2018.



Site development for two additional acres of property, upon which we plan to construct one or two new Research/Instructional Screenhouses / Greenhouses covering up to two acres and potentially adding an additional Equipment Storage / Outbuilding.

These structures will provide more robust protection for the Collection, making it a more permanently safeguarded presence at UC Riverside.


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