Modern Citrus Cultivars Descriptive Database


The Modern Citrus Cultivars Descriptive Database (MCCDD) covers mostly recent and privately controlled varieties, many not yet available for planting and evaluation at the Citrus Variety Collection.

It consists of cultivar names, trademarks, common names (fruit types), botanical names, intellectual property applications and grants, breeders and their affiliations, pedigrees, descriptions of trees and fruits, and bibliographical citations with links. It includes all citrus cultivars for which a plant patent or plant breeders’ rights application has been made, from 1931 to the present, as well as many cultivars introduced after 1980 and not described in Horticultural Varieties of Citrus (1967) or Citrus Varieties of the World (2000). Each cultivar appears on one row for each application in a country for a plant patent or plant breeders’ rights; 1,068 distinct cultivars currently are included, and others will be added. This work is international in scope, and includes both scions and rootstocks traditionally classified in the genera Citrus, Poncirus, Fortunella, Microcitrus, Eremocitrus and their hybrids.

The Guide to MCCDD provides a detailed description and explanation of the work, and four appendices offer supplementary information. MCCDD is intended to serve citrus researchers and stakeholders, including germplasm curators, geneticists, breeders, variety rights managers, nurseries, horticulturists, growers, and fruit marketers.

Users may find MCCDD easiest to view on a large screen. To sort the data, download the Excel file (button at upper right).

David Karp designed and compiled MCCDD. Please send comments, suggested additions and corrections to

© 2021 David Karp / Citrus Variety Collection


‘Kirkwood Red’ pink-fleshed navel orange
‘Kirkwood Red’ pink-fleshed navel orange
‘Code 3X97’ seedless lemon
‘Code 3X97’ seedless lemon


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