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How to Support the Collection

New introduced cultivars and products of breeding programs, a new screened structure to protect backup trees of accessions as well as environmental and new disease challenges such as the Huanglongbing or Citrus Greening Disease have necessitated increased financial resources to support the Givaudan Citrus Variety Collection. Existing endowed funds and foundation accounts are providing resources to protect, care and enhance the GCVC to ensure the longevity of this valuable citrus resource by contributing to its future.

There are two ways to support the collection:

Citrus Variety Collection Endowed Fund

The endowment for the UCR Citrus Variety Collection was established in 2003 to benefit and support the Citrus Variety Collection.  Initiated in 1910 in Riverside as a resource for the Citrus Experiment Station and now as a resource for the UCR College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, the Citrus Industry and the public, the collection is used to solve disease problems, improve commercial varieties, congregate and preserve valuable citrus genetic resources and extend knowledge about citrus diversity.  With two trees of each of the over 1,000 types of Citrus and related types, the collection is one of the most diverse living collections of citrus in the world.  Additional information about the Citrus Variety Collection is available here on our website. Annual returns from this endowed fund are used to enhance and maintain the collection.

Citrus Variety Collection HLB Prevention Initiative Fund

The fund will support screened structure and Huanglongbing (HLB) prevention activities and research. 

Your tax-deductible contribution to the UCR Foundation (specify Citrus Variety Collection) will help preserve and expand this irreplaceable genetic treasure. Send donations by completing the online gift form to give with a credit card. 

Online Gift Form


  1. Once on the University of California-Riverside donation site, click the "Donate Now" button.
  2. From the drop-down menu under "Choose a Fund", select the "Citrus Variety Collection Endowed Fund" or the "Citrus Variety Collection HLB Prevention Initiative Fund".
  3. Fill in the remaining boxes with your information.


For more information, contact:

Tracy L. Kahn, Ph.D

Department of Botany and Plant Sciences
University of California
Riverside, CA 92521-0124


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