Selected Citrus Varieties with Fruit Quality Evaluation Data


Algerian clementine

Amoa 8 tangor

Aoshima Satsuma mandarin

Aguzdera Satsuma mandarin

Arajon pummelo

Armstrong Satsuma mandarin

Arrufatina clementine

Autumn Gold navel orange

Avana apireno mandarin

Avana tardivo di ciaculli mandarin

Bahianinha araras navel orange

Bahianinha SRA 513 navel orange

Barnfield navel orange  

Boukhobza blood orange

Bream Tarocco blood orange

Burris blood Valencia orange  

Caffin clementine

California Rojo navel orange

Cara Cara navel orange

Carte Noir clementine 

Ceridwen navel orange   

China S-1 Satsuma mandarin

China S-2 Satsuma mandarin

China S-3 Satsuma mandarin 

China S-5 Satsuma mandarin

China S-6 Satsuma mandarin

China S-7 Satsuma mandarin

China S-8 Satsuma mandarin

China S-9 Satsuma mandarin

China S-11 Satsuma mandarin

China S-12 Satsuma mandarin

China S-15 Satsuma mandarin

China 6-15 Satsuma mandarin

China S-17 Satsuma mandarin

China S-18 Satsuma mandarin

China 6-18 Satsuma mandarin

China S-20 Satsuma mandarin

China 6-21 Satsuma mandarin

China 6-22 Satsuma mandarin

Chislett navel orange 

Clausellina Satsuma mandarin 

Clemenules clementine

Clementine Ain Taoujdate

Cogan navel orange 

Corsica #1 clementine

Corsica #2 clementine

Dart North Satsuma mandarin

Dart South Satsuma mandarin

Delfino blood orange  

Dungan satsuma mandarin

Early St. Ann satsuma mandarin

Ellendale tangor

Emerald mandarin

Everhard navel orange

Fairchild mandarin

Fallglo mandarin 

Fina clementine

Fina sodea clementine 

Fisher navel orange

Flame grapefruit 

Frost Owari Satsuma mandarin

Fukumoto navel orange

Fulwood navel orange

Furr mandarin

Gold Nugget mandarin

Hansen mandarin

Harward Late Valencia orange

Henderson Ruby grapefruit

Hernandina clementine

Hickson mandarin

Imperial mandarin

Iveriya Satsuma mandarin

Iwasaki Satsuma mandarin

Johnson navel orange  

Kabosu papeda hybrid

Kuno Wase Satsuma mandarin

Lane Late navel orange 

Lange #1 Satsuma mandarin

Lange #2 Satsuma mandarin

Lange #3 Satsuma mandarin

Lee mandarin 

Louisiana Early Satsuma mandarin

Malta blood orange 

Maltaise demi sanguine blood orange

Marisol clementine 

McEwen Satsuma mandarin

Melogold grapefruit hybrid

Miho wase Satsuma mandarin

Miyagawa Satsuma mandarin

Miyamoto Satsuma mandarin

Navelina navel orange

Nichinan Ichigo Satsuma mandarin

Nour clementine

Nova mandarin

Okitsu Wase Satsuma mandarin

Olinda Valencia orange

Oroblanco grapefruit hybrid

Oroval clementine

Palmer navel orange

Pink (CRC 2246) pummelo

Pixie mandarin 

Pomelit pummelo hybrid

Powell navel orange

Ray Ruby grapefruit

Redblush grapefruit

Red (CRC 2245) pummelo

Red (CRC 2338) pummelo

Red Aranyan pummelo

Reed Marsh grapefruit

Ricalate navel orange

Rio Red grapefruit

Road 164 Satsuma mandarin

Robyn navel orange

Rohde navel orange

Rubidoux mandarin

Sanguina doblefina blood orange

Selma satsuma mandarin

Shahani Red navel orange

Shasta Gold mandarin

Sidi Aissa clementine

Silverhill Satsuma mandarin 

Smith's early navel orange

Smith Red "Valencia" orange

SRA 63 clementine

SRA 92 clementine

SRA 337 (C54-4-4) mandarin

Star Ruby grapefruit

Sudachi papeda hybrid

Sweet pummelo

Tahoe Gold mandarin

Tango mandarin

Tarocco #7 mandarin

TDE #1 mandarin

Thermal Tarocco blood orange

Triumph grapefruit

UCR Early navel orange

Ueno Satsuma mandarin

USDA 1-77-19 tangelo

USDA 6-15-150 mandarin

USDA 88-2 mandarin 

USDA 88-3 mandarin

Valencia Late orange

Valentine pummelo hybrid

Variegated Cara Cara navel orange

W. Murcott Afourer mandarin

Washington Sanguine blood orange  

Wiffen navel orange 

Xie Shan Satsuma mandarin

Yosemite Gold mandarin

Yuzu papeda hybrid

How to Interpret our Fruit Evaluation Data

Root = Rootstock (C-35 Citrange, CZO Carrizo citrange, etc.)
Age = Years in ground (Note year of evaluation for prospective)
SSC = Soluble Solids Content (mostly sugars in Citrus; also referred to as BRIX)
Mean titr = Average of titration data which is used to calculate citric acid %
Citric Acid % = Percentage of acidity based on citric acid
SSC/TA = Ratio of SSC to Citric Acid %. Still used as a maturity standard for mandarins and some oranges. There is a new California Standard for navels.
# Fruit = Number of fruit in a sample
Length = Length of fruit for whole sample   Avg. Length = Average length for one fruit
Color = Color rating of the rind of the fruit. Rind with rating of 3 is dark green, 5 is color break and 13 orange red.  See chart.
Texture = Texture rating of rind of fruit. Rind with rating of 1 is very smooth.  See chart.
Interior = Interior color of the flesh of the fruit.


Guide to reading fruit quality charts
rind color
Rind color 1
rind texture chart
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