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Rootstock varieties


African shaddock X Rubidoux trifoliate

Benton citrange

Borneo Rangpur lime

C-190 (Hall gft. x Rubidoux trifoliate)

Bitters C-22 citrange

Carpenter C-54 citrange

C-32 citrange trifoliate hybrid

C-35 citrange trifoliate hybrid

Calamondin kumquat hybrid

Carrizo citrange trifoliate hybrid

Citradia hybrid (CRC 1436)

Citradia hybrid (CRC 1437)

Citradia hybrid (CRC 1438)

Citranguma (S-302)

Citremon (cutting A) (CRC 1448)

Citremon (cutting B) (CRC 1449)

Citrumelo (CRC 1452)

Citrumelo (CRC 3341)

Citrumelo (CRC 3348)

Citrumelo (CRC 3821)

Citrus macrophylla (Alemow)

Citrus volkameriana Volkamer lemon

Cleopatra mandarin

Flying dragon trifoliate (CRC 3330A)

Flying dragon trifoliate (CRC 3330B)

Fraser Seville sour orange

Furr C-57 citrange

Goutoucheng sour orange (CRC 3929)

Goutoucheng sour orange (CRC 4004)

Grapefruit seedling (CRC 343)

Pomeroy trifoliate

Rangpur lime x Troyer citrange hybrid

Rich 16-6 trifoliate

Rubidoux trifoliate

Rusk citrange (CRC 301)

Rusk citrange (CRC 1441)

Schaub rough lemon

Small-leaf trifoliate

Smooth Flat Seville sour orange

Standard sour orange

Sun Chu Sha Kat mandarin

Swingle citrumelo trifoliate hybrid

Troyer citrange trifoliate hybrid

US 119 (Duncan grapefruit X trifoliate) X Succory sweet orange

Vangasay rough lemon

X 639 (Cleopatra mandarin X Poncirus trifoliata)

Yuma Ponderosa lemon pummelo hybrid

Zhuluan sour orange hybrid (CRC 3930)

Zhuluan sour orange hybrid (CRC 3981)






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