Zhuluan sour orange hybrid (CRC 3981)

Citrus aurantium L.

CRC 3981
PI 539172
VI 554
(No longer available)


Received as budwood by Glen Dale from China, 1987.


Parents unknown.

Rootstocks of accession

Carrizo citrange, C-35 citrange

Season of ripeness at Riverside

January to March

Notes and observations

4/1988, EMN: This and CRC Nos. 3982, 3983, 3984, & 3985 came in as the result of some kind of cultural exchange, and nobody seems to know who chose these cultivars or what they are. My current decision is to try to fruit them in the screenhouse and not do any further processing beyond initial thermotherapy, which has been done, until we find out what they are or get fruit and see that it is promising for something.

1/1989, EMN: This cultivar also came in by seed (to Dr. Soost) and is now established in the Variety Collection (CRC 3930, planted 1988). Should we fruit seedling budline before going to the trouble of indexing budwood import? Seedling budline is housed under sour oranges; perhaps Dr. Bitters told me to put it there; I can't remember. Let's put this one under SOU too. The whole story on these (CRC 3981-3985) imports that came in as both budwood & seed is that the seed went to Dr. Soost in 1985; the budwood went to Glen Dale in 1985 and increase budwood came here in 1987 and went into CCPP for processing. However, in the meantime, Dr. Soost grew seedlings in the greenhouse but did not inform anyone in CCPP that this material was there until he retired in 1987 and the seedling budlines were propagated for the variety collection.

2/11/2008, DK & TS: Fairly sweet and pleasant for a sour orange; deep orange color.


No longer commercially available in California. This accession no longer has an approved budsource. Please refer to the CCPP for information on another approved budsource or to start a reintroduction inquiry.

 USDA Germplasm Resources Information Network page for Zhuluan sour orange hybrid CRC 3930



Zhuluan sour orange hybrid CRC3981-01
Zhuluan sour orange hybrid CRC3981-02
Zhuluan sour orange hybrid CRC3981-03
Photos by David Karp, CVC, 2/11/2008.
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