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Trifoliate hybrids


African shaddock X Rubidoux trifoliate

Benton citrange

Bitters C-22 citrandarin

Carpenter C-54 citrandarin

C-190 citrumelo trifoliate hybrid (Hall gft. x Rubidoux trifoliate)

C-32 citrange trifoliate hybrid

C-35 citrange trifoliate hybrid

Carrizo citrange trifoliate hybrid

Citradia hybrid (CRC 1436)

Citradia hybrid (CRC 1437)

Citradia hybrid (CRC 1438)

Citrandarin (CRC 2618)

Citraldin (CRC 2619)

Citrange #1416

Citrangelo (S-281)

Citrangequat 19-15-7


Citranguma (S-302)


Citremon (cutting A) (CRC 1448)

Citremon (cutting B) (CRC 1449)

Citrumelo (CRC 1452)

Citrumelo (CRC 3341)

Citrumelo (CRC 3348)

Citrumelo (CRC 3821)

Cunningham citrange

Furr C-57 citrandarin

Glen citrangedin

Microcitrus X trifoliate hybrid

Morton citrange (CRC 1463)

Morton citrange (CRC 2748)

Rangpur lime x Troyer citrange hybrid

Rough lemon x trifoliate hybrid

Rusk citrange (CRC 301)

Rusk citrange (CRC 1441)

Sacaton citrumelo trifoliate hybrid (CRC 3414)

Sacaton citrumelo trifoliate hybrid (CRC 3417)

Sacaton citrumelo trifoliate hybrid (CRC 3337)

Sanford citrange

Savage citrange

Sinton citrangequat

Spanish sweet orange X Poncirus trifoliata

Swingle citrumelo (CRC 3767)

Swingle citrumelo (CRC 3771)

Thomasville citrangequat

Trifeola (Minneola X Poncirus trifoliata)

Troyer citrange

US 119 (Duncan grapefruit X trifoliate) X Succory sweet orange

Uvalde citrange

X 639 (Cleopatra mandarin X Poncirus trifoliata)

Yellow tip citrumelo (I-91-1)

Yellow tip citrumelo (I-91-2)

Yuma citrange




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