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Papedas and their hybrids

Citrus excelsa (CRC 2316)

Citrus excelsa (CRC 2892)

Citrus excelsa (CRC 3765)

Citrus hanayu

Citrus hongheensis

Citrus hystrix (Cabuyao) (CRC 432)

Citrus hystrix (kaffir lime)(CRC 2454)

Citrus hystrix (CRC 3103)

Citrus longispina

Citrus macrophylla (Alemow, Colo) (CRC 3842)

Citrus webberii

Citrus webberii

Citrus webberii var. Montana

Citrus yuko

Davao papeda hybrid

Ichang lemon (CRC 1215)

Ichang lemon (CRC 1219)

Ichang papeda (CRC 2327)

Ichang papeda (CRC 2431)

Ichang papeda (CRC 3931)

Kabosu (Kabusu) papeda hybrid

Khasi papeda

Kulobot papeda

Limon Real

Samuyao papeda

Soh niangrang papeda hybrid

Sudachi ichandrin (papeda hybrid)

Yuzu ichandrin (papeda hybrid)




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