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Allspice tangelo

Baygold tangelo

Clement tangelo

Early tangelo

Mapo tangelo

Marlow tangelo

Minneola tangelo
Orlando tangelo

Page tangelo

Pearl tangelo

Sacaton tangelo (CRC 2609)

Sacaton tangelo (CRC 3331)

Sampson tangelo

San Jacinto tangelo

Santa Barbara tangelo

Seminole tangelo

Sexton tangelo

Siamelo tangelo

Sunrise tangelo

Sunshine tangelo

Thornton tangelo

Ugli tangelo (CRC 2780)

Ugli tangelo (CRC 4127)

Ugli tangelo (CRC 4171)

US Seedless Surprise

USDA 1-77-19 tangelo

Webber tangelo

Wekiwa tangelo

Willial tangelo

Williams tangelo

Yalaha tangelo






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