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Argentina trifoliate

Australian trifoliate

Barnes trifoliate

Benecke (Beneckie) trifoliate

Benoit trifoliate

Big-leaf trifoliate

Christiansen trifoliate

English Dwarf trifoliate

English large trifoliate

Fairhope trifoliate

Florida trifoliate

Flying dragon trifoliate (CRC 3330A)

Flying dragon trifoliate (CRC 3330B)

Frost tetraploid trifoliate

Hiryu Flying dragon trifoliate (CRC 3795)

Hiryu Flying dragon trifoliate (CRC 3882)

Jacobson trifoliate

Kryder 15-3 trifoliate

Kryder 16-6 trifoliate

Kryder 28-3 trifoliate

Kryder 5-5 trifoliate

Kryder 55-1 trifoliate

Kryder 55-5 trifoliate

Kryder 60-2 trifoliate

Kryder 8-5 trifoliate

Kryder medium trifoliate

Little-leaf trifoliate (CRC 4007)

Little-leaf trifoliate (CRC 4008)

Marks trifoliate

Monoembryonic trifoliate

Poncirus trifoliata #22

Poncirus trifoliata #26 "Nanjing"

Poncirus trifoliata #27

Poncirus trifoliata (CRC 4009)

Pomeroy trifoliate

Rich 12-2 trifoliate

Rich 16-6 trifoliate

Rich 22-2 trifoliate

Rich 7-5 trifoliate

Ronnse trifoliate

Rubidoux trifoliate

Rubidoux tetraploid 123 trifoliate

Simmons trifoliate

Small-leaf trifoliate

Swingle trifoliate

Taylor trifoliate

Texas trifoliate

Towne "F" trifoliate

Towne "G" trifoliate

USDA trifoliate

Webber-Fawcett #22 trifoliate

Yamaguchi trifoliate








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