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Grapefruit hybrids


Chironja grapefruit hybrid (CRC 3909)

Chironja grapefruit hybrid (CRC 4045)

Citrus rugulosa

Citrus shunkokan

Grapefruit seedling (CRC 343)

Hall grapefruit X Rubidoux trifoliate hybrid

Hyuga natsu (Citrus tamurana)

Imperial grapefruit

Oroblanco grapefruit hybrid

Otachibana, Daikitsu, Kotobukikan (Citrus otachibana)

Melogold grapefruit hybrid

Natsuzabon (Citrus hiroshimana) (CRC 3275)

Natsuzabon (Citrus hiroshimana) (CRC 3904)

Rojo Blanco/Rubidoux pummelo hybrid #2

Rubidoux pummelo hybrid #1

Royal grapefruit

Sukega grapefruit hybrid

Tahitian pummelo X Star Ruby grapefruit

Triumph grapefruit





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