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EncoreLS (Encore IR6) mandarin

Citrus reticulata Blanco RUTACEAE


CRC 4204

VI 766


Photos by David Karp and Toni Siebert, CVC. Photo rights.


Source: Received as budwood from the UCR Breeding Program, 2008.


Parentage/origins: 'EncoreLS' is an irradiated selection of 'Encore', which originated from a cross between King tangor and Willowleaf mandarin made by H.B. Frost and was introduced in 1965.


Rootstocks of accession: Carrizo citrange, C-35 citrange


Season of ripeness at Riverside: This variety is currently being evaluated from March to May.


Notes and observations:

This is an unreleased variety from the University of California. Permission was granted to plant in the Citrus Variety Collection for observation only. Budwood is not available at this time.

This selection is described as a "late maturing (March) selection of 'Encore' mandarin. Similar in all appearance, quality and production characteristics to 'Encore' with the exception of seed numbers (1.7 - 3.5 seeds/fruit compared to 22 - 32 seeds/fruit for 'Encore'). Outstanding holding ability on the tree (well into summer). Mean fruit size 18 - 21. Excellent flavor, very sweet, rich and distinctive (15 - 19 º brix). Typical green-spotted, thin 'Encore'-type rind, moderately easy to peel. Alternate bears severely similar to 'Encore' if not pruned regularly and harvested on time." (Information from Roose and Williams, 06/18/2008).

Availability: Please refer to the CCPP for information on an approved budsource.

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