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Citrus Rootstocks: Their Characters and Reactions, an unpublished manuscript by W.P. Bitters

Citrus Rootstocks website by Dr. Kim Bowman (USDA-ARS)

The Citrus Industry Volume I, Volume II and Volume V, Chapter 5

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Published Citrus Articles

Recently Released and Promising new Citrus Varieties from the University of California Breeding Program. Williams, Timothy. 2008. University of California, Riverside.

Tango Mandarin. Roose, M. and Williams, T. 2006. University of California, Riverside.    

Tried and true or something new? Selected Citrus Varieties for the Home Gardener.  Siebert, T. and Kahn, T. 2011. University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources Publication 8472.

Valentine, a recently released anthocyanin-pigmented pummelo hybrid developed at the University of California Riverside. Siebert, T., Bier, O., Karp, D., Vidalakis, G., and Kahn, T. 2009.Topics in Subtropics. Vol. 7 No. 3. 

Yuzu, Sudachi, and Kabosu: Deliciously Ancient East Asian Acid citrus. Siebert, T., and Kahn, T. 2009. Fruit Gardener Magazine. Vol. 41  No. 6.

Descriptions of new varieties recently distributed from the Citrus Clonal Protection Program. Siebert, T., Vidalakis, G., Krueger, K., Bash, J., and Kahn, T. 2010. Citrograph. 1(1):20-26

Background and initial evaluations of recently introduced cultivars distributed by the Citrus Clonal Protection Program. Siebert, T., Vidalakis, G., Krueger, K., Bash, J., and Kahn, T. 2011. Citrograph.  2(4): 28-35

Fruit quality evaluations of introduced Satsuma selections for California. Kahn, T., Siebert, T., Zheng, Z., and Xu, K. 2013.Citrograph. 4(2):28-41.

 ‘US Furr’ and ‘US Furr-ST’ Mandarin Release. Furr, J., Castle, W., Kahn, T., McCollum, G., Reece, P., Siebert, T., Stover, E. Journal of the American Pomological Society. 68(4): 198-203. 2014

Kahn, Tracy L. 2007. Birds do it; bees do it, even citrus with seeds do (did) it. Part 1 - The biology behind seedlessness in mandarins. Topics in Subtropics Newsletter. Vol 6. No. 1. pp 3-5 


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Kahn, T., Siebert-Wooldridge, T., and Trunnelle, K. “Pigmented Citrus Cultivars Can Differentiate Market for Consumers. Citrograph. Fall 2020. 11(4):38-44.

















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