Iraq lemon (limetta)

Citrus limetta Risso

CRC 3492
PI 539314


Received as cuttings from Baghdad, Iraq, 1963.


Parents unknown.

Rootstocks of accession

Yuma Ponderosa lemon

Season of ripeness at Riverside

Unknown at this time.

Notes and observations

Cuttings were sent from Bagdad to Beltsville, Md. 7/54. Rubidoux quarantine greenhouse received budwood 11/58, this was PI 219-897. Apparently this PI indexed positive for virus so was not released as budwood; instead seed from screenhouse fruit was sown and seedlings used for this variety collection accession.

EMN, 11/18/1987: Fruit similar to Palestine sweet lime (CRC 1482) but larger and slightly more elongate on average. Coarser and lighter colored flesh than Pal. Swt lime but lack of acidity and lack of flavor is similar.


Not commercially available in California.


USDA Germplasm Resources Information Network page for Iraq lemon (limetta)



Iraq lemon limetta fruit
Iraq lemon limetta tree
Iraq lemon limetta
Iraq lemon limetta cluster
Iraq lemon limetta flower buds and bloom
Iraq lemon limetta leaf
Iraq lemon limetta close up
Iraq lemon limetta flower
Iraq lemon limetta


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