Indian sour orange hybrid

Citrus sp.

CRC 3175

PI 213349


Received as seed from H.S. Gentry, USDA Crops Research Division USDA-ARS, Beltsille, Maryland, 1954. Open pollinated seedling.


Parents unknown. From Karnataka, India.

Rootstocks of accession

Yuma Ponderosa lemon

Season of ripeness at Riverside

December to March

Notes and observations

12/22/1987, EMN: Found at an elevation of 3000-3500 feet, with rainfall of 65 inches a year. It was a slender treelet with long trunk; leaves with winged petiole. All stages of fruit from newly set dark purple to mature orange are on the tree at the same time now. Mature fruit is round, medium to dark orange in color, fairly small-about the size of a small sweet orange. Rind slightly rough, about like a navel orange. Rind of medium thickness; seedy; flesh orange, coarse, fairly juicy, sour. Could be a sour orange hybrid.

2/23/1988, EMN: Examined fruit in conference with Dr. Bitters. We don't know what the parentage of this is. Keep it as a Citrus species until more information becomes available.

3/3/2008, DK & TS: Tree very productive, ornamental; fruit oblate, with a flat bottom, medium in size; rind thin, medium orange color; mandarin aroma, with some sour orange flavor, sweet for a sour orange; new growth is purplish; small winged petioles.


Not commercially available in California.


USDA Germplasm Resources Information Network page for Unnamed Indian sour orange hybrid



Indian sour orange hybrid sliced open
Indian sour orange hybrid on tree
Indian sour orange hybrid tree
Photos by David Karp, CVC, 3/3/2008.
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