Cadenera Fina sweet orange

Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck RUTACEAE

CRC 2856 
PI 539600


Received in an unknown form from UCLA in approximately 1945.


Parents unknown.

Rootstocks of accession

Carrizo citrange, C-35 citrange

Season of ripeness at Riverside

January to March

Description from The Citrus Industry Vol. 1 (1967)

"Fruit medium-sized, globose to slightly oval; apex somewhat depressed; areole ring faint or lacking; seeds few or none.  Moderately well-colored.  Rind medium-thin and surface smooth to finely pebbled.  Flesh very juicy and flavor and aroma excellent.  Holds well on tree and retains quality.  Medium-early in maturity (preceded by Salustiana and Hamlin). 

Tree vigorous, hardy, large, and productive.

Of Spanish origin, presumably a chance seedling, Cadenera appears to be the most important variety in Spain, its production being exceeded only by only by comuna, which, as noted earlier, consists of a group of unnamed similar or identical seedling clones.  It is important also in Morocco and Algeria and hence ranks high among major orange varieties.  Because of its excellent quality, it is well and favorably known in European markets."


Not commercially available in California.

USDA Germplasm Resources Information Network page for Cadenera Fina sweet orange



Cadenera Fina sweet orange crc2856001
Cadenera Fina sweet orange crc2856002
Cadenera Fina sweet orange crc2856003
Cadenera Fina sweet orange crc2856004
Photos by David Karp and Toni Siebert, CVC.
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