Djerok citron hybrid

Citrus medica L. 

CRC 2456
PI 539416


Received as budwood from USDA Crop Plant Breeding, 1930. 


From Java; parents unknown. Probably a hybrid of citron and lemon. 

Rootstock of accession

CRC 1449 Citremon, Yuma Ponderosa lemon 

Season of ripeness at Riverside

November to January 

Notes and observations

1985, EMN: Citron hybrid. This accession had exocortis that was removed by shoot tip grafting.

12/22/87, EMN: If this is a hybrid, it is probably citron with lemon. Fruit is medium to large, elongate with a nipple. Rind light yellow, slightly rough and furrowed. Rind moderately thick; moderately seedy. Flesh very light yellow, sour, lemon-like flavor.

12/5/2006, DK & TS: Classic lemon shape, with nipple at end, medium thin rind. Moderately seedy; fine, tender flesh; acid, but less so than an average lemon. TS says it’s Meyer lemon-like. Large tree and leaves. Noelle Barkley's study, Assessing genetic diversity and population structure in a citrus germplasm collection utilizing simple sequence repeat markers (SSRs), indicates 55% citron, 45% pummelo. “Djerok” is Indonesian for “citrus.”


Not commercially available in California.

USDA Germplasm Resources Information Network for Djerok citron hybrid


Photos by David Karp, CVC, 12/5/2006.
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