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Yuma citrange
X Citroncirus spp. RUTACEAE


CRC 3205

PI 539816


Photos by David Karp and Toni Siebert, CVC.10/30/2013.  Photo rights.


Source: Received as budwood from Joe Furr, USDCS, Indio, CA. Originally from Yuma, AZ, 1958.


Parentage/origins: Poncirus trifoliata x Citrus sinensis 


Rootstocks of accession: Carrizo citrange, C-35 citrange


Season of ripeness at Riverside: October to November


Notes and observations:

EMN, 10/7/1983: comment by R.K. Soost: Ross Rodney says Yuma Citrange was a tree in the old variety block at the Yuma Mesa Station that carried a label "Savage citrange". Several knowledgeable individuals said it was NOT Savage. Rodney and Ross Allen then used the name Yuma citrange. Performance as a rootstock was like Sacaton citrumelo- also both show iron deficiency.

EMN, 11/21/1988: Fruit appears virtually identical to CRC 3417, Sacaton citrumelo (one of 3 in the collection).

'Yuma' citrange has been suggested to be the same as 'Sacaton' citrumelo, currently represented by three accessions (PI 539823, PI 539826, and PI 539827), by a a previous generation of nurserymen as well as Bill Bitters and previous workers. Currently, there seems to be a distinction between the "true citrumelo" (PI 539826) and the smaller fruited 'Yuma' citrange. Some additional observations should be made, a "correct" 'Sacaton' decided upon, and the other two accessions inactivated. Alternatively, 'Sacaton' and 'Yuma' could be consolidated into one accession if original fruit and tree descriptions can be located. They are not currently known to be on file at either NCGRCD or the CVC. (RR Krueger, 08/08/2012)


Availability: Not commercially available in California.


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