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Unnamed pummelo (CRC 3282)

Citrus maxima (Burm.) Merr. RUTACEAE

CRC 3282
PI 539390

Photos by David Karp and Toni Siebert, CVC.10/30/2013. Photo rights.

Source: Received as seed from Dept. Agr, Stock & Fisheries, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, 1956.

Parentage/origins: Parents unknown. Collected in Jimmi River Valley, New Guinea Highlands at an altitude of 1,100 to 2,500 feet.

Rootstocks of accession: Carrizo citrange, C-35 citrange

Season of ripeness at Riverside: October to November

Notes and observations:

Psorosis eliminated by thermotherapy 1986. Large, round to slightly pyriform fruit with medium yellow, slightly rough, thick rind; seedy; small, pithy core; flesh light yellow; juicy, good flavor, slightly tart.

This accession had psorosis which was eliminated by thermotherapy (Thrmo 1404-29)--EMN 1986.

2/22/1988, EMN: This is probably pure pummelo. Most fruit are on the ground now but we have had some awesome winds. Large, round to slightly pyriform fruit with medium yellow, slightly rough rind. Rind is thick; seedy, small pithy core. Flesh light yellow, juicy, good flavor for a pummelo, slightly tart. Should compare with Chandler & Reinking earlier in the season. This accession may have promise.

12/23/1988, EMN: Fruit compared with Chandler & Reinking. Is in same size range as Chandler, slightly larger than Reinking at this picking. Rind is rougher than Chandler, slightly rougher than Reinking, but not too rough to be acceptable. Color of rind similar to Reinking, slightly greener. Rind slightly thicker than Chander or Reinking but has a smaller seed cavity and smaller seeds, which are numerous. Flesh almost white in color. Flavor: mild & sweet. Flesh crisp, not highly juicy, more like Chandler than Reinking in this respect.

11/13/1989, EMN: Nice flavor this early in season, but rind is a bit too thick, flesh is ricey and not attractive, seeds too numerous; probably not promising.

Availability: Not commercially available in California.

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