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Pond's lime

Citrus latifolia (Yu. Tanaka) Tanaka

CRC 449

PI 539274




Photos by David Karp and Toni Siebert, CVC, 11/03/2009. Photo rights.


Source: Received as budwood from Dr. Webber's #17, from garden of Mr. Damon, Moanalua Gardens, Honolulu, 1914.


Parentage/origins: Parents unknown.


Rootstocks of accession: Yuma Ponderosa lemon


Season of ripeness at Riverside: October to December


Notes and observations:

EMN, 1985: This is the best lime in Hawaii. Of good size, smooth skin, fine quality. The tree is spreading with recurved branches very characteristic. This accession had seedling yellows, removed by thermotherapy (Thermo 1273-24).

EMN, 11/09/1987: Fruit compared with other Persian limes. Pond's had some rougher, larger fruit at this picking, but probably is basically the same as the others.


Description from The Citrus Industry Vol. 1 (1967):

" Webber (1943) described the Pond variety, which he obtained in Hawaii in 1914.  It appears to closely resemble Bearss, though he reports minor differences. "


Availability: Not commercially available in California.


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