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Navel orange seedling (CRC 3306)

Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck

CRC 3306

PI 539569

CPB 44944B



Photos by David Karp and Toni Siebert, 2/19/2010, CVC. Photo rights.


Source: Received as seed from Dr. Williams Cooper, USDA, Weslaco, Florida, 1959.

Parentage/origins: Open pollinated seedling.

Rootstocks of accession: Carrizo citrange, C-35 citrange

Season of ripeness at Riverside: January to February

Notes and observations:

Note from Dr. Cooper: Seedy, no navel visible. Source: TAES R-12, T-10. From multiple seedlings. Seedling #2, source of 3306-A, had seedling yellows which was removed by shoot tip grafting (STG 170-3).

EMN, 1986: 44944-B was listed on the old accession card as an F.P.I. number; however, I think it is more likely to be a CPB number. Or, it could have been PI 244944 and the "2" got lost in the shuffle; this may be most likely since the 244,900 series of PI numbers were dated January 1958; but no card could be found on PI 244944. See card on 44944-A for further comment.

EMN, 2/12/1988: Nice appearing fruit for a young budline. Flavor still a bit tart to the taste, about like Lane Late.

EMN, 4/1989: No fruit, where did it go?

EMN, 12/1989: Tart like Lane Late, tarter by far than Leng. Much better colored & nicer appearing than Lane Late at this time. Should check for fruit drop and long-term on-tree holding in April.

EMN, 2/26/1990: Good crop this year. Again tart as (& maybe tarter than) Lane Late but rind color is much better. Should check fruit quality and on-tree holding potential through spring & into early summer; could this be better than Lane Late?

EMN, 3/19/1990: S/A ratios this date: Parent- 15.6, Lane Late- 13.9, CRC 3306- 9.7. But some fruit are soft & dropping. This may just be another high acid navel- watch for drop vs. holding thru spring.

EMN, 4/26/1990: Fruit seems to be holding on tree as well as Lane Late.

Availability: Not commercially available in California.

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