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How to obtain budwood of uncommon varieties for personal use:


Sometimes you cannot find a tree or budwood of a variety that you are looking for. It may be rare, unusual and have less commercial demand. In this case you may have to make "Citrus Variety Introduction Inquiry" through the CCPP. The CCPP provides a safe mechanism for the introduction into California citrus varieties from any citrus-growing region of the world for research, variety improvement or use by citrus enthusiasts. This mechanism includes both disease diagnosis and pathogen elimination, followed by maintenance and distribution of true-to-type propagative material of citrus varieties.

Step 1: Create a CCPP budwood account. Send the following information to CCPP at their email address:

-Personal Name
-Phone number
-Email address
-Driver's license# or last 4 digits of Social Security# (for individuals) 

Step 2: After you have created your account or if you already have one, you may now start a Citrus Variety Introduction Inquiry.

Additional information:

There are a few different options for importing new citrus varieties into California:


Proprietary. In this case you must make sure that this variety is not already in the public domain. The person from whom you obtain the budwood must have exclusive rights to this variety (i.e. it was found as a bud sport or mutation, he has it patented etc.).

The fees for this type of importation is $10,000 USD per variety.

Public Domain with Financial Support from Requester.  In this case you may introduce a variety into the public domain and assist with the expenses associated with the introduction. You will receive the budwood as soon as it is release from quarantine. The CCPP and the University of California will retain the variety and perform evaluation for fruit quality and trueness-to-type which normally takes 5-7 years. Afterward, the variety will become part of the CCPP foundation blocks, enter the public domain and be available for general distribution. The fees for this type of importation is $5,000 USD per variety.

Public Domain without Financial Support from Requester. You may request CCPP to introduce a public domain variety. In this case the variety will become part of the CCPP Foundation Blocks and budwood will be available for general distribution from the CCPP immediately after the quarantine release. There is no cost for this type of importation.


The estimation of time from introduction to completion of the quarantine paperwork is 24-36 months. If you have any additional questions or need any further information, please contact Dr. Georgios Vidalakis at, (951) 237 9948, or (951) 827 3763.






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