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Purchasing budwood and/or trees of standard and uncommon citrus varieties   

The Citrus Variety Collection frequently receives requests to purchase trees, seeds and/or budwood, particularly of uncommon varieties of citrus. Please know that due to strict quarantine restrictions, the CVC cannot distribute budwood or seeds, or sell trees at any time. However, there are alternatives available to you.


Obtaining budwood of standard varieties for personal use

Obtaining budwood of uncommon varieties for personal use

Obtaining trees of uncommon varieties for personal use

Obtaining rootstock trees and/or rootstock seedlings for personal use


How to videos from The fruit mentor, Dan Willey, available on YouTube:

Grafting Citrus

Ordering Citrus budwood for grafting

Grafting Citrus trees -- Bud grafting Successfully

Grafting Citrus trees -- Cleft grafting

Grafting Citrus trees -- Patch grafting

Grafting lemon trees -- T-budding

Grafting orange trees -- T-budding

Grafting Citrus -- Z grafting

Growing Citrus from cuttings --- rooting and grafting

Pruning Citrus trees

Ordering Citrus Budwood

Grafting Citrus trees by chip budding in California nursery







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