Flying dragon CRC 3330A

Poncirus trifoliata (L.) Raf. RUTACEAE 

CRC 3330A 
PI 539768
VI 383


Received as seed from H. Yoshimura, Univ. of Osaka, Japan, 1958.


Parents unknown.

Rootstocks of accession

Carrizo citrange, C-35 citrange

Season of ripeness at Riverside

October to November

Description from The Citrus Industry Vol. 1 (1967)

"Several dwarfed ornamental varieties are said to exist in the Orient.  According to Swingle, the most important and interesting of these is the Japanese hiryo or Flying Dragon variety, which he introduced to the United States in 1915.  Grown primarily as a potted plant, this is a highly dwarfed variety with very small leaves, the leaflets of which are commonly reduced to linear filaments, and slender crooked branches armed with large, downward-curved spines.  It is a curious monstrosity which he has accepted—unnecessarily, in the opinion of the writer—as the botanical variety monstrosa of T. Ito."


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