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Citrus species and their hybrids

Citrus amblycarpa

Citrus assamensis

Citrus benikojii

Citrus canaliculata

Citrus depressa (CRC 2710)

Citrus depressa (CRC 2448)

Citrus erythrosa (CRC 3986)

Citrus erythrosa (CRC 3292)

Citrus excelsa (CRC 2316)

Citrus excelsa (CRC 2892)

Citrus excelsa (CRC 3765)

Citrus funadoko

Citrus halimii (CRC 3780)

Citrus halimii (CRC 3900)

Citrus hanayu

Citrus hiroshimana (CRC 3275)

Citrus hiroshimana (CRC 3904)

Citrus hongheensis

Citrus hystrix (Cabuyao) (CRC 432)

Citrus hystrix (kaffir lime)(CRC 2454)

Citrus hystrix (CRC 3103)

Citrus ichangensis (CRC 2327)

Citrus ichangensis (CRC 2431)

Citrus ichangensis (CRC 3931)

Citrus indica

Citrus intermedia

Citrus jambhiri

Citrus junos

Citrus keraji

Citrus kharna

Citrus kinokuni

Citrus kinokuni 'Mukakukishu'

Citrus latipes

Citrus leiocarpa

Citrus limettoides (CRC 919)

Citrus limettoides (CRC 921)

Citrus limonia (CRC 3919)

Citrus limonia (CRC 3920)

Citrus limonia var. hangleson

Citrus longispina

Citrus lycopersicaeformis

Citrus macrophylla (Alemow, Colo) (CRC 3842)

Citrus macrophylla (Alemow, Colo) (CRC 2446)

Citrus maderaspatana

Citrus megaloxycarpa hybrid

Citrus miaray

Citrus micrantha var. microcarpa

Citrus moi

Citrus myrtifolia

Citrus natsudaidai

Citrus nippokoreana

Citrus obovoidea

Citrus otachibana

Citrus pennivesiculata

Citrus reticulata (CRC 3239)

Citrus reticulata (CRC 3812)

Citrus reticulata (CRC 3813)

Citrus rokugatsu

Citrus rokugatsu

Citrus shunkokan

Citrus sino-grandis

Citrus species-papeda type

Citrus sudachi

Citrus sulcata

Citrus sunki

Citrus tachibana

Citrus taiwanica

Citrus tamurana

Citrus tardiva

Citrus tengu

Citrus ujukitsu

Citrus vulgaris

Citrus vulgaris

Citrus webberii

Citrus webberii

Citrus webberii var. Montana

Citrus yatsushiro (CRC 3466)

Citrus yatsushiro (CRC 3880)

Citrus yuko





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