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Citrus Relatives

Note: The Citrus Variety Collection does not have every species that is listed here (although we wish we did!). However, this list made by Walter T. Swingle demonstrates how Citrus is related to its wild relatives in the subfamily Aurantioideae.

List of Tribes, Subtribes, Subtribal Groups, and Genera of the Orange Subfamily, Aurantioideae.

Tribe I. Clauseneae: Very Remote and Remote Citroid Fruit Trees (3 subtribes, 5 genera, 79 species, 20 varieties)

Subtribe 1.  Micromelinae: Very Remote Citroid Fruit Trees (1 genus, 9 species, 4 varieties)

I. Micromelum (9 sp.) (4 var.)

Micromelum diversifolium

Micromelum diversifolium var. cuneata

Micromelum ceylanicum

Micromelum compressum

Micromelum compressum var. inodorum

Micromelum falcatum

Micromelum hirsutum

Micromelum integrerrimum

Micromelum minutum

Micromelum minutum var. tomentosum

Micromelum minutum var. curranii

Micromelum pubescens

Micromelum scandens

Subtribe 2. Clauseninae: Remote Citroid Fruit Trees (3 genera, 69 species, 16 varieties)

II. Glycosmis (35 sp.)

Glycosmis angularis

Glycosmis bilocularis

Glycosmis bonii

Glycosmis boreana

Glycosmis cholorosperma

Glycosmis citrifolia (Chinese glycosmis)

Glycosmis clemensii

Glycosmis craibii

Glycosmis crassifolia

Glycosmis cyanocarpa

Glycosmis dinhensis

Glycosmis elata

Glycosmis erythrocarpa

Glycosmis esquirolii

Glycosmis greenii

Glycosmis lindleyana

Glycosmis longipes

Glycosmis macrantha

Glycosmis macrocarpa

Glycosmis macrophylla

Glycosmis malayana

Glycosmis mauritiana

Glycosmis montana

Glycosmis monticola

Glycosmis parkinisonii

Glycosmis pentaphylla

Glycosmis pierrei

Glycosmis platyphylla

Glycosmis pseudoracemosa

Glycosmis puberula

Glycosmis oliveri

Glycosmis ovoidea

Glycosmis rupestris

Glycosmis sapindoides

Glycosmis singuliflora

Glycosmis tomentella

Glycosmis winitii

III. Clausena (23 sp.)(12 var.)

Clausena abyssinica

Clausena anisata

Clausena anisata var. mollis

Clausena anisata var. multijuga

Clausena anisum-olens

Clausena brevistyla

Clausena brevistyla var. halmaheirae

Clausena cambodiana

Clausena dentata var. dulcis (Indian wampee)

Clausena dentata var. dunniana

Clausena dentata var. henryi

Clausena dentata var. longipes

Clausena dentata var. pubescens

Clausena dentata var. robusta

Clausena excavata (CRC 3166)

Clausena excavata (CRC 3899)

Clausena excavata var. villosa

Clausena guillauminii

Clausena harmandiana

Clausena harmandiana var. contracta

Clausena heptaphylla

Clausena heptaphylla var. engleri

Clausena inaequalis

Clausena indica

Clausena lansium (wampee)(CRC 1460)

Clausena lansium (wampee)(CRC 3967)

Clausena laxiflora

Clausena lenis

Clausena luxurians

Clausena macrophylla

Clausena mollis

Clausena papuana

Clausena pentaphylla

Clausena suffruiticosa

Clausena todayensis

Clausena wallichii

IV. Murraya (11 sp.)(4 var.)

Murraya alata

Murraya alata var. hainanensis

Murraya alternans

Murraya crenulata

Murraya euchrestifolia

Murraya glabra

Bergera (Murraya) koenigii (curry leaf)

Murraya paniculata (hawaiian mock orange)

Murraya paniculata (orange jessamine)

Murraya paniculata var. omphalocarpa

Murraya paniculata var. ovatifoliata

Murraya paniculata var. zollingeri

Murraya siamensis

Murraya stenocarpa

Subtribe 3. Merrilliinae: Large-Fruited Remote Citroid Fruit Trees

V. Merrillia (1 genus, 1 species)

Merrillia caloxylon

Tribe II. Citreae: Citrus and Citroid Fruit Tree (3 subtribes, 9 subtribal groups, 28 genera, 124 species, 18 varieties)

Subtribe 1. Triphasiinae: Minor Citroid Fruit Trees (3 subtribal groups, 8 genera, 46 species, 3 varieties)

VI. Wenzelia (9 sp.) (1 var.)

Wenzelia archboldiana

Wenzelia brevipes

Wenzelia brevipes var. alabatensis

Wenzelia dolichophylla

Wenzelia grandiflora

Wenzelia kambarae

Wenzelia melanesica

Wenzelia paludosa

Wenzelia platysperma

Wenzelia tenuifolia

II. Monanthocitrus

Monanthocitrus cornuta

VIII. Oxanthera (4 sp.)

Oxanthera aurantium (Orange flower oxanthera)

Oxanthera fragrans (Fragrant oxanthera)

Oxanthera neo-caledonica (false orange or large-leaf oxanthera)

Oxanthera undulata (Wavy-leaf oxanthera)

IX. Merope

Merope angulata

X. Triphasia (3 sp.)

Triphasia brassii

Triphasia grandifolia (Unifoliate Limeberry)

Triphasia trifolia (trifoliate limeberry)

XI. Pamburus

Pamburus missionis

XII. Luvunga (12 sp.)

Luvunga angustifolia

Luvunga borneensis

Luvunga calophylla

Luvunga crassifolia

Luvunga eleutherandra

Luvunga motleyi

Luvunga nitida

Luvunga papuana

Luvunga philippinensis

Luvunga sarmentosa

Luvunga scandens (Indian liana lime)

Luvunga tavoyana

XIII. Paramignya (15 sp.)(2 var.)

Paramignya andamanica

Paramignya armata

Paramignya beddomei

Paramignya citrifolia

Paramignya confertifolia

Paramignya cuspidata

Paramignya grandiflora

Paramignya lobata

Paramignya longipendunculata (Luzon paramignya)

Paramignya mindanaensis

Paramignya monophylla (Indian paramignya)

Paramignya rectispinosa

Paramignya scandens

Paramignya scandens var. hispida

Paramignya scandens var. ridleyi

Paramignya surasiana

Paramignya trimera

Subtribe 2. Citrinae: Citrus Fruit Trees (3 subtribal groups, 13 genera, 65 species, 15 varieties)

XIV. Severinia (6 sp.)

Severinia buxifolia (Chinese box orange)

Severinia disticha (Phillippine box orange)

Severinia lauterbachii  (triangle fruit severinia)

Severinia linearis (narrow leaf box orange)

Severinia paniculata (bouquet box orange)

Severinia retusa

XV. Pleiospermium (5 sp.)

Pleiospermium alatum (Ceylon orangeaster)

Pleiospermium dubium (Java orangeaster)

Pleiospermium latialatum (North Borneo orangeaster)

Pleiospermium longisepalum (Banguey Island orangeaster)

Pleiospermium sumatranum (Sumatra orangeaster)

XVI. Burkillanthus

Burkillanthus malaccensis (Malay ghostlime)

XVII. Limnocitrus

Limnocitrus littoralis (swamp orange)

XVIII. Hesperethusa

Hesperathusa (Naringi) crenulata

XIX. Citropsis (11 sp.)(1 var.)

Citropsis angolensis (Angola cherry orange)

Citropsis articulata (West African cherry orange)

Citropsis daweana (Mozambique cherry orange)

Citropsis gabunensis (Gabon cherry orange)

Citropsis gabunensis var. lacourtiana (Sankuru cherry orange)

Citropsis gilletiana (Gillet's cherry orange)

Citropsis latialata (Ikongu cherry orange)

Citropsis le-testui (Le Testu's cherry orange)

Citropsis mirabilis (Ivory Coast cherry orange)

Citropsis schweinfurthii (Uganda cherry orange)

Citropsis tanakae (Sierra Leone cherry orange)

Citropsis zenkeri (Zenker's cherry orange)

XX. Atalantia (11 sp.)(3 var.)

Atalantia ceylanica (Ceylon atalantia)

Atalantia citroides (Cochin China atalantia)

Atalantia guillaumini (Tonkin atalantia)

Atalantia hainanensis (Hainan atalantia)

Atalantia macrophylla (Giant Andaman atalantia)

Atalantia monophylla (Indian atalantia)

Atalantia racemosa (Bombay atalantia)

Atalantia racemosa var. henryi (Henry's atalantia)

Atalantia rotundifolia (Dwarf Ceylon atalantia)

Atalantia roxburghiana (Malayan atalantia)

Atalantia roxburghiana var. kerrii (Kerr's atalantia)

Atalantia roxburghiana var. kwangtungensis (Kwangtung atalantia)

Atalantia simplicifolia (Khasi Hills atalantia)

Atalantia wightii (Nilgiri atalantia)

Atalantia zeylancia

XXI. Fortunella (4 sp.)(1 var.) (1 new var.)

Fortunella hindsii (Hong kong kumquat)

Fortunella hindsii var. chintou (golden bean kumquat)

Fortunella hindsii var. prostratus (prostrate kumquat)

Fortunella japonica (round kumquat)

Fortunella margarita (oval kumquat)

Fortunella polyandra (Malayan kumquat)

XXII. Eremocitrus

Eremocitrus glauca (Australian desert lime)

Eremocitrus X 'Meyer lemon' (Eremolemon)

Eremocitrus glauca hybrid

XXIII. Poncirus (1 var.)

Poncirus trifoliata (trifoliate orange)

Poncirus trifoliata var. monstrosa (Flying dragon trifoliate orange)

XXIV. Clymenia

Clymenia polyandra

Clymenia polyandra X Procimequat

XXV. Microcitrus (6 sp.)(1 var.)

Microcitrus australasica (Australian finger lime)

Microcitrus australasica var. sanguinea (red pulp finger lime)

Microcitrus australis (Australian round lime)

Microcitrus garrowayi (Garroway's Australian wild lime)

Microcitrus inodora (large leaf Australian wild lime)

Microcitrus maideniana (Maiden's Australian wild lime)

Microcitrus warburgiana (New Guinea wild lime)

XXVI. Citrus (16 sp.)(8 var.)

Citrus aurantifolia (Lime)

Citrus aurantium (sour orange)

Citrus aurantium var. myrtifolia (myrtle leaf orange)

Citrus celebrica (Celebes papeda)

Citrus celebrica var. sourthwickii

Citrus grandis (pummelo)

Citrus hystrix (kaffir lime)

Citrus ichangenesis (Ichang papeda)

Citrus indica (Indian wild orange)

Citrus latipes (Khasi papeda)

Citrus limon (lemon)

Citrus macroptera (Melanesian papeda)

Citrus macroptera  var. annamensis (Annam papeda)

Citrus macroptera var. kerrii (Kerr's Thailand papeda)

Citrus medica (citron)

Citrus media var. ethrog (ethrog citron)

Citrus media var. sarcodactylis (fingered citron)

Citrus micrantha (Small flowered papeda)

Citrus micrantha var. microcarpa (small flowered papeda)

Citrus paradisi (grapefruit)

Citrus reticulata (mandarin orange)

Citrus reticulata var. austera (sour mandarin)

Citrus sinensis (sweet orange)

Citrus tachibana (Tachibana orange)

Subtribe 3. Balsamocitrinae: Hard-Shelled Citroid Fruit Trees (3 subtribal groups, 7 genera, 13 species)

XXVII. Swinglea

Swinglea glutinosa (tabog)


Aegle marmelos (Indian bael)

XXIX. Afraegle

Afraegle asso

Afraegle gabonensis (Gabon powder flask)

Afraegle milbraedii

Afraegle paniculata (Nigerian powder flask)

 XXX. Aeglopsis (2 sp.) 

Aeglopsis chevalieri (Dwarf powder flask) 

Aeglopsis eggelingii (Eggeling's aeglopsis)

XXXI. Balsamocitrus

Balsamocitrus daweii (Uganda powder flask)  

XXXII. Feronia 

Limonia acidissima (Feronia limonia) (Indian wood apple)  

XXXIII. Feroniella (3 sp.) 

Feroniella lucida (Java feroniella)

Feroniella oblata (Indochina feroniella)

Feroniella pubescens (Velvety feroniella)



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