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Welcome and thank you for visiting the UCR Citrus Variety Collection website! Here you will find information on more

   than 1,000 different varieties of citrus and citrus relatives residing in one of the leading citrus germplasm collections in the world.

               The Citrus Variety Collection and Citrus Experiment Station were established in Riverside, California in the early 1900s to support the needs of the developing citrus industry in Southern California. The Citrus Experiment Station became the foundation of the University of California Riverside campus and has remained at the forefront of agricultural and citrus research.


Citrus Varieties


Modern Citrus Cultivars Descriptive Database

Purchasing budwood, rootstocks, seeds and photographs


CVC History and scope


Research projects





A message from your friendly CVC Museum Scientist......

Our website used to host links to a digitized version of The Citrus Industry, however many of you have noticed the links have been broken for quite some time.

The content for the original links was lost in the UC Riverside library's migration to the new content management system during their website redesign. The library staff has been working hard getting everything back online and fully searchable.

In the meantime, you should be able to find these pages at the links below:

















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