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Wekiwa tangelo

Citrus × tangelo

CRC 2012

PI 539696

VI 596


Photos by Toni Siebert and David Karp, CVC. Photo rights.


Source: Received as budwood from the Date Gardens, Indio, Ca, 1930.


Parentage/origins: Wekiwa is reported to be a hybrid of a grapefruit and Sampson tangelo.


Rootstocks of accession: Carrizo citrange, C-35 citrange


Season of ripeness at Riverside: November to January


Notes and observations:

4/1987, EMN: Small yellow fruit, yellow flesh, seedy, slightly tart flavor.


Description from The Citrus Industry Vol. 1 (1967):

"Fruit medium-small, spherical to obovate or pyriform; color pale yellow; seeds comparatively few.  Rind medium-thick, smooth, and fairly adherent; axis solid.  Flesh tender, juicy; flavor sweet and mildly acid, becoming unpleasant when overripe.  Under favorable conditions rind pink-blushed and flesh amber-pink.  Early in maturity.
      Tree lacking in vigor but productive; leaves small and rounded-oval.
      Wekiwa is a hybrid of grapefruit and Sampson tangelo and, therefore, is in reality a tangelolo.  It has not achieved commercial importance but is of interest as a novelty and because of its pink rind coloration."


Availability: Commercially available in California through the Citrus Clonal Protection Program.


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