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Other mandarins

88-2 mandarin hybrid
88-3 mandarin hybrid

Avana apireno mandarin

Avana tardivo di Ciaculli mandarin

Bakrai mandarin x limetta hybrid

Batangas mandarin

Beledy mandarin

Bower mandarin

Canton mandarin

Changsha mandarin

Citrus amblycarpa

Citrus depressa

Citrus erythrosa (CRC 3292)

Citrus erythrosa (CRC 3986)

Citrus keraji

Citrus kinokuni

Citrus leiocarpa

Citrus lycopersicaformis

Citrus nippokoreana

Citrus reticulata (CRC 3239)

Citrus reticulata (CRC 3812)

Citrus reticulata (CRC 3813)

Citrus succosa

Citrus sunki

Citrus tachibana

Citrus tardiva

Citrus yatsushiro (CRC 3466)

Citrus yatsushiro (CRC 3880)

Clementine x Pearl mandarin hybrid

Clementine x Silverhill mandarin hybrid

Cleopatra mandarin

Daisy mandarin

DaisySL mandarin

Dancy mandarin (Frost)

Dancy mandarin (Weshart)

Emerald mandarin
Empress mandarin

Encore mandarin

EncoreLS (Encore IR6) mandarin

Fairchild mandarin

FairchildLS mandarin

Fallglo mandarin

Fortune mandarin

Fremont mandarin

Frua mandarin
Gold Nugget mandarin hybrid

Hansen mandarin

Hickson mandarin

Hill mandarin

Honey mandarin

Huang Yen Man Chieh mandarin

Imperial mandarin

Iyo San Ponkan mandarin

Kara mandarin

Kincy mandarin

Kinkoji unshiu mandarin (graft) hybrid
Kinnow mandarin

KinnowLS mandarin

Kobayashi mikan mandarin (graft) hybrid

Koster mandarin

Kunembo mandarin

Laranjo Cravo mandarin

Lee mandarin

Mandarine sanguine mandarin

Mandarinette mandarin

Michal mandarin
Murcott mandarin

Nagpur mandarin

Necked mandarin

NISSV E mandarin

Nova mandarin

Nova IR10 mandarin

Novelty X Ellendale mandarin hybrid

Parson's Special mandarin
Pixie mandarin
Ponkan mandarin

Richard's Special mandarin (CRC 3329)

Richard's Special mandarin (CRC 4117)

Robinson mandarin

Rubidoux mandarin

Scarlet Emperor mandarin
Seedless Kishu mandarin
Shasta Gold TM (TDE #2) mandarin hybrid

Soh himtra mandarin

Soh niamtra mandarin

Solid Scarlet mandarin

Som Kaeo mandarin

Som Keowan mandarin

Som Saa mandarin

SRA 337 (C54-4-4) mandarin

Sunburst mandarin

Sun Chu Sha Kat mandarin

Szinkom mandarin
Tahoe Gold TM (TDE #3) mandarin hybrid

Tango mandarin

TDE #1 mandarin hybrid

Temple X Dancy mandarin hybrid

Temple X Minneola mandarin hybrid

Tien Chieh mandarin (CRC 2376)

Tien Chieh mandarin (CRC 2590)

Tim Kat mandarin

Unnamed mandarin (CRC 2331)

Unnamed mandarin (CRC 3239)

Unnamed mandarin (CRC 3919)

Unnamed mandarin (CRC 3920)

USDA 6-15-150 mandarin

W. Murcott Afourer mandarin

Weshart mandarin

Wilking mandarin

Willowleaf mandarin

Wincia mandarin

Yellow-Rind mandarin
Yosemite Gold TM (TDE #4) mandarin hybrid


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